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Glue Dispensing and Sealant Robots

Precise and reliable glue dispensing robots can give huge time and money savings in a variety of industrial applications. We can supply from a range of glue dispensing robots that can reliably perform the most complex of adhesion tasks. We can supply from basic bench top models to total turn key systems, from both our new and used ranges for the most economical of budgets.

We can supply systems to work with multi liquid products to mix and dispense such things as acrylic adhesive, polyurethanes, epoxy resins, and silicones. Simple sytems can dispense in straightforward dab or circular patterns while more sophisticated robots are available for complex patterns such as needed for gaskets.

Because of the unpleasant nature of glue and sealants, robots are ideal for dispensing such products, as the robots can control accurate measured amounts of material in a difficult and hard to see areas, such as window assemblies, inner door panels and inner sills etc.

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